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Megan & Liz featured in The New York Times! 

“Points for diligence: the homemade videos on Megan and Liz’s YouTube channel date back five years, when these fraternal twins were young and awkward and covering songs like all the other young, awkward children with access to video cameras and high-speed Internet. But unlike most of the rest of that group, Megan and Liz now have something else: a hit of their own. “Bad for Me” (Collective Sounds) is a tidal rush of teen spite, delivered with cheery plasticity: “This one’s for the girls messing with the boys/Like he’s a melody and she’s background noise.” Written by the twins with Martin Johnson (frontman of Boys Like Girls) and Rob Hawkins, “Bad for Me” is refreshingly pure pop, pure enough to be the soundtrack to a recent Macy’s commercial. Liz sings lead, and Megan takes harmonies, and together they’re peppy and irrepressible. But they’re hedging their bets. A few days ago they were back at it, posting a cover of Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” to YouTube, in case their future is in singing other people’s songs, not their own. No need — they’ve graduated.”

—Jon Caramanica 9/13/12

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